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CIIAN's working principles are based in the values of justice, equity, trust, respect, acceptance, cooperation, and self determination, among others. Our working principles guide how we conduct ourselves in all personal interactions, in partnerships, and in programming. The principles that guide our work are:

1. CIIAN holds that the people directly involved in a conflict are the ones best placed to take responsibility for required actions and to make decisions that are in their best interest.

2. CIIAN holds that all those with a stake in the outcome of a conflict need to be involved and that through active participation and consensus based processes, they can make decisions that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

3. CIIAN holds that durable outcomes are based in processes that address root causes of conflict, whether at the interpersonal or structural level.

4. CIIAN holds that conflict, in most instances, is most effectively resolved through negotiation and dialogue.

5. CIIAN holds that most people strive for a justice and a peace characterized by equity and harmony.

6. CIIAN holds that people need to feel secure in order to actively participate; they must be free from coercion and threats.

7. CIIAN holds that peace is more than simply the absence of war.

8. CIIAN holds that open dialogue occurs when the following are nurtured:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Openness
  • Curiosity

9. CIIAN holds that entry into other people's lives demands responsibility to ensure that harm is not done.

10. CIIAN holds that resolving conflicts requires addressing the root causes and underlying interests found within. Clarifying misperceptions and prejudices that people hold about the "other" is also essential to ensuring that we do not merely address the symptoms of conflict.