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Upcoming Dates to be Announced. Please note, the full certificate program or individual components from it can be delivered upon special request. Please contact us for further information.   

The Program

The Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Certificate Program is a ten-day, comprehensive program focusing on the theory, models, and skills applicable to conflict prevention and peacebuilding.  This knowledge can be applied in conflict zones, complex humanitarian emergencies, fragile, and failing states as well as post conflict transitions from war to peace.

The course is designed to provide participants with opportunities to build bridges between theory and practice. It will also enhance their work with others to prevent violence, make peace, keep peace and build peace in increasingly challenging conflict situations.  Developing networks with others who work in the conflict field and zones of conflict is an added benefit for those going through the program.  Conflict analysis, negotiation, mediation and multiparty dialogue skills are central to the program, as is advocacy for violence prevention/peace and programming through a conflict lens.

The course encompasses a wide range of materials in a highly interactive learning environment.  Participants will be introduced to the latest theories, models, and skills in the context of the most current developments in international conflict prevention and peacebuilding.  The realities of conflict, characteristics of our changing times, and the challenges that intervening actors must face is the point of departure.

Please Note: Proficiency in English Required

Course instruction is provided in English. Given that the program is highly interactive and participatory, proficiency in the English language by participants is essential. Participants must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.