CIIAN's Conflict Resolution training is structured around:

  1. Practitioner Program 
  2. Essentials of Negotiation {Online Training}  
  3. Conflict Management Skills for Nurses & Healthcare Workers  {Online Training}
  4. Online Dispute Resolution Training Simulations {Online Training}
  5. Conflict Resolution SKills for Teachers {Online Training}

Practitioner Program

In CIIAN's Practitioner Program, CIIAN mediator-trainers use their experience in resolving disputes to design, develop and deliver professional training in negotiation, mediation, conflict analysis and dispute resolution system design. CIIAN offers dynamic, interactive Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

People who have completed the Advanced Certificate in ADR may seek the designation of Registered Practitioner in Dispute Resolution (RPDR).

CIIAN's Vision for the Practice of Dispute Resolution

The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation's Practitioner Program is dedicated to the development of well-trained and responsible dispute resolution professionals as a means to promoting positive peace.

CIIAN's Commitment

The Institute is committed to designing, developing and delivering dispute resolution training, and providing individual guidance and mentoring which is anchored in the knowledge of experienced mediators and in the most current applied research and theory. 

CIIAN promotes the responsible use of dispute resolution by requiring that its Registered Practitioners in Dispute Resolution (RPDR) demonstrate they have DR experience and have support within the DR community and that they subscribe to CIIAN's Declaration of Principles, Code of Conduct, and Qualities of a DR Practitioner.

Competencies & Processes

The Practitioner Program is designed for people committed to using dispute resolution skills in their professional or personal lives, professionals training to become DR practitioners and experienced DR practitioners seeking support and further development.

People who have completed CIIAN's training possess the analytical skills and intervention techniques necessary to assist parties to negotiate agreements. They provide the support necessary to enable individuals and groups to live constructively with their differences.

CIIAN offers Certificates of Completion for individual courses as well as a Certificate in ADR and an Advanced Certificate in ADR.

The designation of Registered Practitioner in Dispute Resolution (RPDR) can be obtained by successful completion of examination requirements.

I attended CIIAN's Modules I and II consecutively. After almost two weeks of class, I felt exhilarated, not exhausted. 

The pre-course material was excellent preparation, and the courses themselves were a confident blend of theory and practice, delivered by personable and professional instructors whose experience was impressive. The atmosphere was collegial, with an interesting and varied blend of participant backgrounds, both public and private sector. 

The courses were a veritable pleasure to take part in, and far exceeded my expectations.
Lisa Tenace
Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA)


After researching the various mediation training opportunities in both the public and private sector, I decided that the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation best suited my needs. Their courses were short and intense.

My greatest learning experience came through the many role plays we took part in for each module. The case studies were fantastic, and very realistic. This was especially true during the Multi-Party Mediation sessions. Each day we were given an opportunity to be the mediator for one session. We studied and prepared our cases in the evening, to be ready for the next days' scenario. I learned so much about building consensus in the multi-party, multi-issue environment.

Toni Connelly
Algonquin College


Thank you to the Canadian Institute for Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) for offering the online violence prevention course for Nurses and Healthcare workers. Learning to manage conflict through assessing my environment and recognizing my own vulnerabilities is key to help me feel secure. I now have more practical skills that will improve my work on the front lines while feeling safe. It was especially handy that I could take the complete 2- hour course from my own home. The way the course is given is simple and the graphics were helpful for me to understand how tensions rise and how they relate to my own safety in any violent situation. Also, it was super great to receive my official CIIAN certificate! 

Thank you again to CIIAN for all of your work in creating a more peaceful and secure Canada and world! 

Danielle Dionne
Parent Coach CMHA

Click here to read more testimonials and comments from CIIAN Alumni.
At a Glance

Candidates can earn a Certificate in ADR by completing Modules I and II, and an Advanced Certificate in ADR by completing Modules I to III.

Modules I and Modules II, when both modules have been completed, have been accepted as an Approved Mediation Course, by the ADR Institute of Ontario Inc.

Candidates who have earned an Advanced Certificate in ADR may proceed towards the designation of a Registered Practitioner in Dispute Resolution (RPDR).


A person who has earned the CIIAN Certificate in ADR will be able to:

  • Analyze conflict, its life cycle, factors involved, and the potential for resolution.
  • Communicate effectively and facilitate constructive dialogue.
  • Design and apply appropriate consensus-building processes, including mediation.
  • Become a member of a community of ADR practitioners at CIIAN.
Certificate in ADR:
  • Application for Admission to Program
  • Successful completion of Modules I and II (four days each) plus Pre-Course Preparation
  • Optional Learning Vehicle: Reflective Journal/Daily Log
  • Certificate to be completed within 24 month period
Advanced Certificate in ADR:
  • Application for Admission to Program
  • Successful completion of Modules I, II, and III (four days each) plus Pre-Course Preparation
  • Optional Learning Vehicle: Reflective Journal/Daily Log
  • Certificate to be completed within 24 month period

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Online Training

Essentials of Negotiation

Increase Your competitive advantage!

Managers, government officials, educators, lawyers, labour and employer representatives - virtually all professionals must negotiate, search for solutions, build consensus and manage conflict. To add value to your present credentials, we offer a certificate in the Essentials of Negotiation.         LEARN MORE >


Conflict Management Skills for Nurses and Healthcare Workers 

Your Safety and Security is a Top Priority!

While providing the best client care to your patients is one of your main priorities, you can’t do your job if your safety is threatened. Violence against healthcare workers is a chronic and widespread problem. You need to make your personal safety and security a top priority!         LEARN MORE >


Online Dispute Resolution Training Simulations 


Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is an emerging area yet there are very few training opportunities to practice applying your skills in an online environment to receive timely and constructive feedback.

In response to this growing need, the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) has developed two new ODR Coaching Packages! In our ODR Coaching Packages you will be challenged to apply your existing conflict resolution skills in an online setting to help resolve a conflict portrayed by real actors!        LEARN MORE >

Conflict Resolution Skills for Teachers 

This online course focuses on conflict resolution in a school or classroom setting. The many tools that teachers, guidance counsellors, educational assistants, administrators and others can use to help prevent and resolve conflict will be presented.      LEARN MORE >

You’ll start learning practical tips right away, such as:  

  • How to analyze conflicts
  • Communication skills for building peace in the classroom
  • How to identify early warning signs of emerging conflicts
  • 5 Steps of conflict resolution
  • How to incorporate conflict resolution circles & peer mediation into a classroom setting                           


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