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Training Conflict Resolution Practitioners: the Need for New Methods and Approaches

By Evan Hoffman - October 2018  Download Now

CIIAN’s Best Practices for Online Dispute Resolution

By Evan Hoffman - October 2018 Download Now

Educating a New Generation of Peace Leaders as a Way to Prevent Homegrown Terrorism

By Evan Hoffman - June 2016 Download Now

10 Conflict Resolution Lessons from Hostage Negotiators

By Evan Hoffman - April 2015 Download Now

13 Features of Good Peace Agreements

March 2015 Download Now

Report from the CPWG-CIIAN South Sudan Fast Talk

September 2014 Download Now

Discerning violence prevention actions

By Benjamin Hoffman and Evan Hoffman - June 2014 Download Now

Methods for Evaluating Conflict Prevention

By Evan Hoffman - May 2014 Download Now

Pinning Down Peace: Towards a  Multi-Dimensional, Clustered Measure of Mediation Success

By Evan Hoffman and Isak Svensson - April, 2012 Download Now

The Relationship Between Theory and Practice in the Conflict Resolution Field

By Evan Hoffman - January, 2012 Download Now

Conflict Expressed Through Electronic Communication: Ramifications for the Mediation Process

By Renée Gendron - February, 2011 Download Now

Negotiating Agreements in Multi-party, Multi-issue Contexts

By Evan Hoffman - July, 2010 Download Now

Organi-Cultural Deviance

By Christie Husted and Renée Gendron - May, 2010

Short Version: English Download Now or French Download Now  

Full Version: English Download Now or French Download Now

Powerpoint Presentation: English Download Now or French Download Now

Is it Good to be Bad? Ethical Dilemmas in Peacemaking

By Evan Hoffman - April, 2010 Download Now

Power Tactics: Successful Negotiation from a Disadvantageous Position

By Evan Hoffman - March, 2010 Download Now

 Information Communication Technology and Online Mediation

 By Renée Gendron - February 2010 Download Now

Win that Agreement: Confessions of a Real World Mediator

By Ben Hoffman - December 2009 Download Now

IPPP - Rule of Law Needs Assessment

By Richard Moore and Sylvia McMechan - February 2009 Download Now (81 Kb)

A Model for a Whole-of-Problem Approach to Preventing Violent Conflict

By Evan Hoffman - March 2008 Download Now (167 Kb)

Can Conflict Resolution Address Terrorism

By Evan Hoffman - 2006 Download Now

Preventing Political Violence: Towards a Model for Catalytic Action

By Ben Hoffman and Evan Hoffman - 2006 Download Now

  Bridge the Knowledge-Action Gap! The Authoritative Statement on How to Reduce Political Violence

This study of activities in conflict prevention, mediation and post-violence peacebuilding is now available.

By Ben Hoffman - 2004 Download Now (660 KB)