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Judicial Development and Grassroots Engagement (JUDGE) in Vietnam 

The Purpose of the JUDGE Project

The purpose of this five-year CIDA-funded project is to support the capacity development of legal training institutions and associated legal structures so that legal rights of Vietnamese citizens can be respected, promoted and protected in a more efficient, effective and equitable manner. 

Components of the JUDGE Project

The project has the following three mutually supporting components, all of which are grounded in a capacity-building approach.

1 - Judicial Professional Training: This component focuses on the challenges facing the judiciary by building capacity within the Judicial Academy under the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Training School under the SPC.

2 - Court Administration and Procedural Reform: This component is intended to build capacity within the SPC to undertake strategic planning processes—as part of the implementation of the Judicial Reform Strategy—for court administrative and procedural reform and implement these reforms in selected pilot courts, preferably in provinces/districts where CIDA has existing rural programming.      

3 - Civil Society Engagement and Community-Level Access: This component identifies up to three Vietnamese CSOs and supports activities that enhance their abilities to:

  •     deliver sustainable and appropriate dispute resolution services and capacity-building programs for local mediators
  •     disseminate legal information
  •     undertake research

These activities build the CSOs’ awareness of the community-level legal context and prepare the CSOs to constructively engage in policy discussions related to legal-judicial training and judicial reform with the Government of Vietnam. Supported activities target women, ethnic minorities and the poor in areas where CIDA’s rural development projects are already active. They focus on issues related to legal access, gender-based violence and land-use rights. 

CIIAN's Role

CIIAN is an implementing partner in this project and it will provide expertise in and training services to grassroots conciliators in Vietnam through a series of linked trainings.

For more info, contact: Evan Hoffman

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