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CIIAN offers the professional designation of Registered Practitioner in Dispute Resolution (RPDR).

This designation demonstrates that candidates have met extensive education and practice requirements and are judged worthy by a panel of their peers.

To achieve this designation candidates must comply as follows.

Registered Practitioner in Dispute Resolution (RPDR):

  • CIIAN Advanced Certificate in ADR
  • Application Fee: $525 (includes HST)
  • Continue practice for twelve months after receiving the ADR Certificate from CIIAN and complete a reflective practice journal
  • 3 letters of reference from clients
  • 3 letters of character reference from peers in the ADR Community
  • A letter indicating that applicant subscribes to CIIAN's
    • Declaration of Principles
    • Code of Conduct
    • Qualities of a DR Practitioner
  • Successful completion of examination in front of peers

Click here to download the registration guide and submission package to apply for the RPDR designation.

Successful applicants can choose to subscribe to CIIAN's  RPDR email list which periodically contains job offers, tenders, and other special announcements. Also, the immediate family members of RPDRs are eligible to receive a 10% discount from the fees for CIIAN's Mods I and II courses.

Practitioners Registered with CIIAN

The following practitioners are registered with the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN). Registration attests to the fact that they have successfully completed the Institute's compulsory programs and submitted a "Practitioner's Portfolio" which includes subscription to a code of practice. The Institute however, is not governing body and is not responsible for the practice of those listed. We do, however, provide these names to potential clients.

  • Joanne Archibald
  • Barbara Atlas
  • Suzanne Beaulieu
  • Jean Benoit
  • Peter Bishop
  • Enid Blackwell
  • John Blakney
  • Christiane Boisjoly
  • Gilles Boudreau
  • Donna Clark
  • Rebecca Dalton
  • Laura Deeks
  • Herve Depow
  • Blaine Donais
  • Mike Hart
  • Doreen Hartley
  • Margaret Kish
  • P. Ross Landry
  • Michel Laurin
  • Gérald Lavallée
  • Cynthia Leber
  • Mel Mapp
  • Maureen McKeown
  • Richard Moore
  • Geneviêve O'Sullivan
  • Louise Owen
  • Ken Peterson
  • Michelle Plouffe
  • Anna Preto
  • Marion Rivers
  • Evita Roche
  • Brian Ross
  • Norman Ross
  • Mary Rozenberg
  • Heidi Ruppert
  • Francine Titley
  • Ginette Trottier
  • Walter Williams
  • Ellen Zweibel