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Mediation & Negotiation Roleplays

CIIAN's mediation and negotiation roleplays are now available for purchase. These valuable learning tools have been developed and used by CIIAN's Staff and Associates in numerous training courses around the world over the last seventeen years. 

CIIAN's Mediation & Negotiation Roleplay Catalogue currently has 19 exercises in it, ranging from simple two-party negotiation exercises which can be completed in under an hour to much more complex multi-party, multi-issue cases, and more are continually being added.

Our mediation & negotiation roleplays catalogue is available for download. Download Now (245 KB)   

Role-plays can be ordered by e-mail at: ciian@ciian.org. All role-plays are priced at $24.99 (HST included - Canadian Dollars).

Upon receipt of payment role-plays will be sent via email in PDF format.