Comments From Negotiation & Facilitation Workshop (held as part of the Gladstone Reconciliation Mediation Process)  - September 9-12, 2013 (Bella Bella, British Columbia)
"If you got more, bring it on. Loved it."

"Excellent course...trainers were respectful."

"Best instructors I have worked with. A big thank-you for bringing us together..."
Comments From Quest for a Solution: an Introduction to Conflict Resolution - January, 2013 (Nipissing University, North Bay)
"This is a good introduction to the principles and techniques for conflict resolution - very interesting material & applicable to many situations."

"Evan was very knowledgeable and exhibited great equality within the classroom."

"Loved it!"

"Very interesting. I would enjoy taking more types of these courses."

Comments From Mod I - February, 2012 (Ottawa)
"Excellent workshop - would recommend it without hesitation."

"Excellent introduction to the concepts of negotiation and mediation."

"Evan clearly 'knows his stuff'. I greatly appreciated his relaxed style, use of humour and refreshing lack of the use of jargon. I have really enjoyed the experience, have found it to be a valuable learning experience and I look forward to module II."

"Overall, a well structured, well organized, well delivered, interesting course. I learned so much and look forward to the next module."

Comments From Mod I - May, 2011 (Ottawa)
"This was one of the best mediation courses I have ever taken. Both facilitators were extremely knowledgeable + very dynamic."

"Best training I have ever received. Well done!"

Comments From Mod II - March, 2011 (Ottawa)
"Wonderful training. So happy to have participated."

"Amazing training. The level of theory was just perfect. Good mix of role-plays vs theory."

"Thank you for a most informative + useful workshop."

"Another fantastic learning experience created by CIIAN."

Comments From Mod II - March, 2010 (Ottawa)
"Love the role playing opportunities to practice and the fact that my items of interest were covered!"

"Great job Richard - I truly enjoyed you - - those four days were truly a delight"

Comments From Mod I - February, 2010 (Ottawa)
"Richard was inclusive, respectful and engaging. It was a pleasure to learn from him."

"I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Great participants, really good groups."

Comments from Graduates of Yalta ’99 - CIIAN's Second Annual Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Certificate Program
"This course doesn't give answers, but it does leave you with a lot of questions. These questions are imperative."
Lada Zimina, Centre for Conflict Management, Kazakhstan.

"Thanks for having the courage to develop a system of peacebuilding. I hope and I dream that everyone will pick up the work."
Michael Laurie, student, Canada.

"The simple models work very well in clarifying complicated situations."
Andrey Girnyk, President, Ukrainian Conflict Resolution Association, Ukraine.

"For some of us (without a local network of people working on peacebuilding issues), sometimes we need to take a break and spend time with people who see things through different eyes."
Alexander Cheryomukhin, Azerbaijan Psychologists Association, Azerbaijan.

"For a person who has been involved in (peacebuilding) work, it was very helpful. It helped me to reflect on many of our experiences."
Maria Lorenza Palm-Dalupan, former administrator in the peacebuilding process in the Philippines under the governments of Corazon Aquino and Fidel Ramos.

"It's given me a framework to think about problems in a new way."
Gordana Mijalkovich, psychologist working with Serbian refugees in Yugoslavia.

"The course was much more valuable because of the realities of the other participants: they have to find answers to ongoing conflict, which they can see on a daily basis."
Jill Ryan, teacher, Japan.

Other Comments

I attended CIIAN's Modules I and II consecutively. After almost two weeks of class, I felt exhilarated, not exhausted.
The pre-course material was excellent preparation, and the courses themselves were a confident blend of theory and practice, delivered by personable and professional instructors whose experience was impressive. The atmosphere was collegial, with an interesting and varied blend of participant backgrounds, both public and private sector.
The courses were a veritable pleasure to take part in, and far exceeded my expectations.
Lisa Tenace
Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA)


After researching the various mediation training opportunities in both the public and private sector, I decided that the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation best suited my needs. Their courses were short and intense.

My greatest learning experience came through the many role plays we took part in for each module. The case studies were fantastic, and very realistic. This was especially true during the Multi-Party Mediation sessions. Each day we were given an opportunity to be the mediator for one session. We studied and prepared our cases in the evening, to be ready for the next days' scenario. I learned so much about building consensus in the multi-party, multi-issue environment.

Toni Connelly
Algonquin College


CIIAN training helped me tremendously. It helped me synthesize and hone my skills and it allowed me to pass on the learning to others through subsequent mediations and provide opportunities for meaningful, positive change.

Bryonie Baxter
Executive Director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa, Vice-President of the Council of Elizabeth Fry Societies of Ontario, and Regional Advocate of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies.