An Introductory Course (Online)

This online course focuses on conflict resolution in a school or classroom setting. The many tools that teachers, guidance counsellors, educational assistants, administrators and others can use to help prevent and resolve conflict will be presented.

Designs for Busy Professionals! 

CIIAN’s Conflict Resolution Skills 4 Teachers course is delivered entirely online and is self-paced meaning you can earn the certificate while still working!

 You’ll start learning practical tips right away, such as:

  • How to analyze conflicts
  • Communication skills for building peace in the classroom
  • How to identify early warning signs of emerging conflicts
  • 5 Steps of conflict resolution
  • How to incorporate conflict resolution circles & peer mediation into a classroom setting
Costs and Registration

Upon receipt of the registration fees you’ll receive a link to the course manual and instructions on how to access the course content online. Upon successful completion of the final quiz you’ll be awarded a certificate. This 1.15 hour course is conveniently priced at $99.99 + applicable taxes.

A 10% discount is available if 3 or more people from the same organization register.

Email us for more details or to register: